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November 19, 20 and 21 Ponimanie marks in action!


November 19, 20 and 21 Ponimanie marks in action! 

In 2017 Ponimanie registers 14 cases reported with support of peers, trained by our school-based trainees. We can call them the first children-Human Rights Defenders because they are helping other children to protect their Human Rights. The most of them are survivors of child sexual abuse, and this is core. Passed through a very difficult times,  they survived, and now their arm and sincere advice to be given to others. Thank you guys! Many thanks because 3 of you are boys, and we are living in traditionally homophobic Belarus. A lot of thanks because all 14 of you are brave, and strong. And know, we ever stay nearby!

In these dates we finalize verification of the 10-steps Protocol for Mentally Disabled children. It was totally not easy objective, and we are slightly behind our schedules. Anyway, we will announce the launch of the Protocol MD and Protocol U5 very soon.

Totally in nation, because of new tools of disclosure, and more trust of children and their parents, we state that there is stable growth of the disclosure of sexual crime against children. 469 cases in 10 months of 2017. It signs that we will have about 550-580 cases at the end of year. Good. This is - growth of disclosure in about 2,5 times in comparison to 2009 when we have started with the first House of Understanding in Belarus. Now there are 21. Look 18 working Houses of Understanding/ CAC/ Barnahus programs here - http://www.ponimanie.org/help/home/

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